October 25, 2011 Posted by bak in


I’ve walked this beach many times Playing with the sand, throwing things into the sea Peaceful bliss and all But when I looked beside me, you were not there

I’m sailing on the ocean now, right into the sun I’ve seen this in my dreams before Oh love unfolds in many ways, you never could control You’re like a seed tossed by the waves This is my own journey, but I wish you’re here with me

Stare into the purple sky Blue and red combine, an image etched in time Am I so insecure? I really need to know, just how you feel

You’ve been on my mind, don’t you know? I need you here, I’m thinking about You’ve been on my mind, don’t you know? I can’t wait, till you’re finally here with me

My sweet baby, I need you here with me Those eyes, those eyes, how could I do without you by my side I need you, I need you, here with me