October 25, 2011 Posted by bak in

LEGACY (feat. Neli Atiga)

Are we the ones, who walk calculated steps? Sitting on our backs, hoping for things to change Many people, struggling to make ends meet But many more with hands, to do much more than speak

This is my legacy, will you remember me? I’m reaching out to you with all I am This is my legacy, I’m living out my dreams So what are you waiting for? Just spread those wings and fly

The world is moving, all around us Seems like time, is never on our side A chance is much more than just, probability Gotta seize the moment, gotta make things happen

Some people make it happen or watch it happen Or some people get up in the morning and ask “Wha happened?!” Legacies for dreamers whose reputations precede us Foundational for believers, believing before they see us We fixing to keep our wings up like nothing has gone wrong Fly from Rio to Hong Kong, I’ll be soaring with Jon Chong So are we living or we breathing till we die?

I am a dreamer, and I believe We were meant for, better I am a dreamer, but I touch reality Cos I believe, I believe in you and me